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 Experience 360º. Give your clients extra experience. Enrich your website, Facebook page and Google profile by adding professional spherical panoramas accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers.*


Prepare for take-off: 360º aerial panoramas coming soon.

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Due to the spherical panoramas and virtual tours, your business space is available for taking a look around for anybody, any time, from anywhere. Your business will benefit from this highly spectacular way of introduction, no matter which area your are engaged in.

    • hotels, restaurants & cafés
    • properties for sale or to rent
    • offices, workshops & studios
    • shops & shopping malls
    • cultural, sport & medical centers
    • event locations & exhibition areas
    • factories, mines, industrial plants
    • place of interest, enclosed areas



    Which customer or tenant doesn't want an easy and quick way of looking around at the apartment, office or warehouse they intend to buy or rent, without appointments and waiting, from the convenience of their homes or office, or from a bus or a café? And which seller or lessor wouldn't be happy if they only needed to meet in person with those clients with serious interest?



    Spherical panoramic photography opens new dimensions in the real estate market. Prospective buyers or tenants will get the most concise and realistic picture of the state of the property, and will spare a lot of time by having to visit only the really promising real estates. The effectiveness of the selling party will be boosted as they will only need to deal with the really prospective clients.


    360° pictures offer these benefits and already available for everyone today.

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    360° method.

    We only apply those methods, tools and software in taking our pictures that provide professional results. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we refrain from using amateur or semi-professional 360 cameras that do not require expertise, and that sacrifice quality for the benefit of reducing photo-taking and processing time.

    Photorama Virtual Tours - Work Bike


    If there is a way, we visit the locations by cycling. This way we can avoid traffic jams, arrive on time, and do not pollute the environment.

    Photorama Virtual Tours - Laser Measurement


    We assess the photography area using Leica Disto laser distance measuring units. Our transparent pricing is based on the accuracy of the precise tools.

    Photorama Virtual Tours - Sony a77 Camera


    We use high resolution SONY DSLR cameras, special fisheye lens and tilt heads, as well as Manfrotto tripods providing high stability.

    Photorama Virtual Tours - Apple Computers


    The photos are processed using high performance computers with purpose-built software into spherical panoramas that allow full looking around.

    360° references.

    See some 360° spherical panorama pictures from our portfolio.

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    360° integration.

    You can easily publish the 360-degree panoramic photos on your Facebook page, embed them in your business website, or include them in the Google photos of your business. You are presented to your global audience via Google StreetView.



    360° extras.

    We offer great extra options to make your 360° experience more special.

    • personalized sharing options
    • welcome screen with video
    • password protected access
    • fully customized interface
    • extra high image resolution
    • music or amibient sound
    • interactive hotspots
    • inserting map


    360º spherical panoramas are photographs offering full round view from a particular spot. A virtual tour is when it's not only one spot from where you can look around, but you can also walk around the place or area. For this we take photos from multiple spots, which are later stitched together into a contiguous tour.

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    The man behind photorama is Krisztian Torma, a Hungarian design manager and photographer based in Budapest. Besides his perfectionistic pursuit of 360° images, Krisztian is also the founder and the director of Hellodesign.org, a talent search program focused on young emerging designers.

    He is a bicycle and cycling enthusiastic and runs a cyclist portrait project, called Likemybike. His number one assistant is Voczak, an adopted black mixed-breed dog.


    *Facebook 360 photos are available on News Feed on web (Chrome, Firefox and Safari); iOS (iOS v8 or newer and iPhone 5s or newer); and Android (OS v4.4 or newer and devices from 2013 or newer). You must have the latest version of the Facebook mobile app installed on your device to enable 360 photos.